Ultrasound is a common technique that uses sound waves to visually examine the fetus in the mother’s uterus. Our specially trained ultrasound technologists will perform the exam using the most advanced ultrasound equipment.

Types of ultrasound we offer:

Ultrasound Examination Time Frame Method
First Trimester Ultrasound Up to 12 weeks Abdominal/
Nuchal Translucency with Nasal Bone Evaluation (Ultra-Screen) 11 to 13 weeks Usually
Advanced Ultrasound Second and third trimesters Abdominal
Cervical Ultrasound 16 weeks and beyond Vaginal
Doppler Ultrasound As indicated Abdominal
Biophysical Profile 24 to 42 weeks Abdominal
Fetal Echocardiography Second and third trimesters Abdominal


Build-A-Bear Heartbeat Recording

During your ultrasound exam, you’ll hear your baby’s heartbeat. We offer the opportunity for you to purchase a package that includes a recording of it, which you can place inside a bear of your choice at the nearest Build-A-Bear Workshop. It’s a great gift for the big brother or big sister.

The package costs $30 and includes a recording of your baby’s heartbeat, an “I Love Riverside” bear t-shirt and a $15 gift certificate to use towards your bear selection.